Member Organisations

BECA membership is representative of almost all aspects of the business events industry. The membership is by invitation and any parties wishing to become a member should contact an existing member to be nominated for a membership.


The member organisations are represented by nominated representatives.




BECA Board of Directors 2019

  • Chairman: Dr Vanessa Findlay, Principal Government Engagement, BrickfielderGE
  • Deputy Chairman: Geoff Donaghy, Chief Executive Officer, International Convention Centre Sydney (ACCG)
  • Treasurer: Barry Neame, Managing Director, Conference Management and Secretariat Services (PCOA)
  • Simon Burgess, General Manager, Adelaide Convention Centre (ACCG)
  • Michael Matthews, Chief Executive Officer, Canberra Convention Bureau (AACB)
  • Nigel Keen, Managing Director, Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre  (EEAA)
  • Beverley Williamson, General Manager Business Developments and Bids, Melbourne Convention Bureau (MEA)

BECA Councillors 2019:

  • Robyn Johnson, Chief Executive Officer, Meetings & Events Australia (MEA)
  • Peter King, Chief Executive, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (ACCG)
  • Janet Hamilton, General Manager, Cairns Convention Centre (ACCG)
  • Andrew Hiebl, Executive Director, Australian Association of Convention Bureau (AACB)
  • Mike Pickford, Managing Director, ASN Conferences Pty Ltd (PCOA)
  • Claudia Sagripanti, Chief Executive, Exhibition & Events Association of Australasia (EEAA)

BECA Company Secretary 2019:

  • Kate Smith, Managing Director, WALDRONSMITH Management (MEA)