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  • Federal Government Scraps the Cap

    The government has just confirmed that it will not proceed with the former administration's proposed cap on tax deductions for work-related self education expenses.

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  • Business Events Australia Report May 2013

    There were 182,300 convention or conference arrivals during the year ended 31 May 2013, an increase of 1 per cent year-onyear. Similarly, overall business arrivals increased 1 per cent year-on-year to 888,700, while total arrivals to Australia increased 5 per cent to 6.2 million.

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  • BECA Supports Scrap the Cap Campaign

    BECA has joined the Scrap the Cap Alliance to work along side over 50 associations and oprganisations who are against the government introduction of a tax cap on work related self education expenses.

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  • IAPCO Annual Survey 2012

    Results of the IAPCO Annual Members Survey

    The latest figures from IAPCO depict interesting statistics given the current economic climate.

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  • BECA Supports AACB Stand on EMDG

    The proposed amendments to the EMDG Bill will have a detrimental effect on business events in Australia by reducing the number of international delegates and hence reducing the export revenue and the indirect benefits business events provides to the Australian economy. As such BECA is supporting the stand AACB are making on the proposed changes.

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  • Convention Arrivals November 2012 Updated

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  • TRA State of the Tourism Industry Report 2012

    The business events sector showed strong growth in all areas in 2011–12 compared to 2010–11

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  • Tourism Industry Sentiment Report


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  • Visitor Visa Program Quarterly Report (to 30 June 2012)

    DIAC have released their quarterly report for the quarter ending June 2012. The data below outlines the main points of interest for the business events sector. It shows strength in visa applications and a surprise increase in applications from USA up 9.3%. The data also suggests a small growth in visitr arrivals against the same quarter of the last two years.

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  • Industry Uproar over tax hike

    The tourism and business events industry are up in arms about the Federal Governments budget announcement that the Passenger Movement Charge will be increased by $8.00 per visit. The industry has rallied together to fight the charge with an adverising campaign being launch today.

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  • Business Events Review - TRA

    Total BE visitor expenditure rose 19 per cent (or by $1.6 billion in nominal terms) to $10.0 billion in 2011. This is an increase of $382 million compared to 2008 estimates (of $9.7 billion).

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  • Visitor Visa Program Quarterly Report (to 31 March 2012)

    The Visitor Visa Quarterly Report released for the period ending 31 March 2012 shows a steady growth in the business visa's across application and granting. This backs up the recent RET report showing the strong growth in business events tourism in Australia.

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  • There is nothing like Australia for business events...not a mere boast

    Australia is pulling out all the tricks it has in the pouch to ensure that current challenges will not derail its 2020 target of doubling the contribution of its business events sector to A$16 billion (US$17 billion) annually, from A$7.9 billion in 2009 according to Raini Hamdi of TTG Asia Magazine.

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  • Sydney Convention Centre Closure

    The Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre will close from late 2013 to late 2016 to allow for the development. The Centres closure marks the government's commitment to business events by investing around $1bn in a new purpose built facility in Darling Harbour.

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  • IAPCO Annual Survey

    IAPCO Annual Survey of Members

    Comparing like with like, the number of corporate meetings organised fell by (-)8.45%, the number of association meetings rose by a mere (+)3.72%, but the number of governmental meetings increased by a staggering (+)22.69% reflecting the shorter lead times, and the continual need for politicians to meet.

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