BECA Welcomes Government Consultation

BECA Welcomes Government Consultation on Self-Education Expense Cap

Business Events Council of Australia (BECA) has welcomed the Federal Government’s open consultation with industry on its decision to cap tax deductions for work-related self-education expenses.

BECA Executive Manager Inge Garofani said the fact the Government was willing to consult on the matter showed it was responsive to industry feedback.

“There has been such an outcry regarding this cap that Government has had to listen to those affected.  It is not the business events industry alone, but the wider professional community who rely on their continued education to provide their expertise to the community” Ms Garofani said.

“Opening dialogue with industries allows sensible discussion of the issue and hopefully a realistic outcome.

“BECA understands that governments need to fund other projects, such as the National Plan for School Improvement, and we do not disagree with the concept of a cap. However, the level of the cap should be decided through a consultation process.”

Ms Garofani said that effective consultation would enable the Government to provide the funds they needed for other projects, while, while affected  professionals and industries – including the business events sector – could ensure they were still able to self-educate at appropriate levels.

BECA will be making a submission to the Discussion Paper and submissions can be made up until 12 July 2013 and are open to all concerned.

Visit for a copy of the discussion paper.