BECA Chairman Matt Hingerty Urges Industry To Take Part In Major Study Of Business Events Sector

The independent Chairman of the Business Events Council of Australia, Matt Hingerty, has called on the business events industry to take part in the major study of the sector being undertaken by EY.

The study, funded by both industry and the Federal Government, is the first major study of the sector undertaken since 2005.

In his letter to industry, Mr Hingerty says that for too long the Business Events sector has been the quiet achiever of the broader Visitor Economy. 

“Often lumped together with the leisure tourism sector, we have often found ourselves unappreciated for the direct and indirect contribution we make to the Australian economy,” he said. 

“That is all starting to change.  I can say that the movement of the Tourism portfolio to the Trade Minister, Andrew Robb, has been a big plus for us.

“The Minister, and his Department, understands that we provide the platform - the infrastructure - that underpins so much of Australia’s trade performance. 

“All parties agree that to make good decisions to build our industry, and keep it as a centerpiece of our international trade effort, we need good data.

Mr Hingerty said that he understood that replying to surveys could be onerous but stressed the importance of this one.

“And this is why I am writing to you, on behalf of BECA, to encourage you to take part. It’s about the future of your industry, your company and your employees. Please, on behalf of us all, I ask you to participate.” he said.

EY will be contacting industry this week regarding the research. It is expected to be completed in early 2015.

Media Contacts:

Matthew Hingerty, Chairman BECA on 0407 220 945 or

Joyce DiMascio, BECA Board Councillor and CEO of Exhibition and Event Association on 02 9413 9520