BECA Chair addresses industry at AIME

BECA Chair addresses business events industry at AIME

Ton van Amerongen, Chair of BECA and Chief Executive of the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre addressed the TTF Business Events Forum Breakfast at AIME. Although he noted he was talking to a room full of converts he stressed the importance of educating government on the value of business events; "Our challenge is the lack of understanding in the general community as well as governments on all levels. It is this lack of understanding of the enormous potential of business events for society and the economy, which is the real issue. If indeed governments could understand what business events are about, their policy direction in fields of trade, education, immigration, Business Events infrastructure and tourism infrastructure would be cohesive and would produce synergy."

Ton also focused on the need for the industry to educate the wider community and government on the value of business events.Ton stated "I have this vision that in years to come every minister and senior bureaucrat will be knocking on the doors of the Bureaux, the Centres and the Organisers asking for more Business Events, because they...understand that Business Events will assist them in carrying out the strategic direction of their respective portfolios while, at the same time, accelerating the delivery of innovation, knowledge transfer and business for Australia."

During the speech Ton also outlined the policy agenda developed by BECA for the business events industry, "BECA recognises this conundrum and therefore has set the following business events policy priorities:

  1. To encourage a whole of government approach by partnering with an economic portfolio, such as trade, investment and infrastructure.
  2. Increase Commonwealth support for event bids through the provision of $40 million over four years.
  3. Work with industry to develop a robust research agenda to measure the return on investment delivered by business events"

The address was well received by all in attendance and will act as a call for action for the industry going forward.

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