November 2011: New Pricing for Visa's


On 29 November 2011 the Government announced as part of MYEFO that it will restructure visa application charges (VACs) brining them into line with international benchmarks.  The new measure is also intended to encourage online processing, resulting in a more efficient and sustainable visa processing system.  The new pricing model will be progressively implemented over the next 18 months.  The new model adopts a user-pays approach to the visa system, while safeguarding Australia's international competitiveness.  For the first time Australian taxpayers will not need to subsidise visa applicants.  The new charges will include:

Changes to the current visa application charge for some visa classes
Surcharges for specific visa services that more accurately reflect the administrative cost of processing visas, and
Specific charges for optional services not required in Australia, such as visa labels.

More information can be found at the Department's website at


Visa_Pricing_Fact_Sheet.pdf Visa_Pricing_Fact_Sheet.pdf