IAPCO Annual Survey 2012

Results of IAPCO Annual Survey Figures 2007-2012

The latest figures from IAPCO depict interesting statistics given the current economic climate.

  • Membership has grown by 3.5% over the previous year, which is the average increase for the Association.
  • The total number of meetings handled during 2012 was 6560, a 0.92% drop from the previous year, but which equates to 17.9 meetings per day!    
  • The total number of participants attending meetings organised by IAPCO members during 2012 has increased by 12.23%. The number of square metres of exhibition space however fell by just under 9.5%, in the main due to the pharma codes now being applied to exhibitions.
  • The average number of participants attending events has increased from 345 in 2011 to 391 in 2012, a surprising increase of 13.35%.   The average size of exhibition has fallen from 95 m2 per event to 87 m2.
  • The average number of events organised by an IAPCO member has dropped from 97 to 91 per annum.
  • It is therefore the economic impact that provides the most significant contribution, reaching a staggering 4.15 billion euros over the year, based on an average delegate spend of €1620 euros.

In summary, IAPCO members processed over 2.5m. participants during 2012 creating a € 4.15b. economic impact.

For more information visit: www.iapco.org.