Business Events Review - TRA

Tourism Research Australia - Business Events Review – May 2012

Total BE visitor expenditure rose 19 per cent (or by $1.6 billion in nominal terms) to $10.0 billion in 2011. This is an increase of $382 million compared to 2008 estimates (of $9.7 billion).

Compared to 2010, which showed a broad but not complete recovery, the sector exceeded pre-GFC levels in all segments in 2011, with growth in total expenditure in all visitor segments:

  • domestic day BE expenditure increased most strongly by 28 per cent; exceeding 2008 estimates
  • domestic overnight BE expenditure increased by 19 per cent; but still remained just below 2008 levels
  • international BE visitor expenditure increased by 15 per cent; exceeding 2008 estimates.